Although the experience at Scheumann Stadium doesn’t compare to the Big Ten, the interest of Ball State athletics still shines through the hardy visitors that come to view their Cardinal football team. Large banners reading, “Go Ball State” and “Welcome to the Red Zone” greet fans arriving into Muncie. The Ball State band named, “The Pride of Mid America,” plays the fight song as they march outside the stadium just prior to kickoff. They are arguably the most positive aspect of the Ball State experience as they play and sing their school songs proudly. Following the band is the Cardinal mascot scooting by on a golf cart and snapping photos with fans. During the game, he mingles with fans in the stands and plays a large part of the atmosphere.

The Cardinals aren’t a perennial power, but efforts have been made to put the Cardinals on pace to keep up with college football’s rapid race of updating to modern facilities. When we attended, many facets of the stadium look like they haven’t been changed since the structure was built in 1967. A facelift was in need and Ball State has followed through. Modern facilities, concessions, luxury suites, and expanded seating comfort Cardinal fans now. The new look will put Scheumann Stadium back on the list for a future College Football Tour visit.

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