Due to basketball’s domination in the state of Indiana and a lack of winning seasons in the past decade, the Hoosier football program is starving for attention in the Big Ten. However, they have all the ingredients in Bloomington to be successful. John Mellencamp, an IU alum, donated a beautiful practice facility and the campus itself is very attractive. Memorial Stadium is hard to miss on campus. It’s old-fashioned press box and extremely high facades seem to go right up into the sky. Once you enter the stadium, there are winding paths and hills that provide many different perspectives of the game.  Recently, Memorial Stadium has undergone a facelift with world class weight lifting facilities and added seats that closed one end of the stadium creating a horseshoe.   All these pieces make Memorial Stadium primed to be a cauldron of excitement.

Former coach Terry Hoeppner had installed new traditions at Indiana hoping to refill the tank. He nicknamed Memorial Stadium, “The Rock,” and had a huge boulder placed at one end of the stadium for players to touch as they make an entrance onto the field.  In response, the student section has named themselves “The Quarry.”  In addition, Hoeppner added a player walk from the dorms through the tailgaters to the stadium to spark excitement. The annual “Old Oaken Bucket” rivalry with Purdue has been given more attention as well with a large sign he posted in the locker room simply stating, “BEAT PURDUE.”

During the game, the fans enjoy chiming in to “Indiana, Our Indiana,” as well as finishing it off with a rousing “I-U!”  The Marching 100 are a very well respected band throughout the conference, and they put on a memorable performance.  Despite Indiana’s struggles, there is still a lot of passion bubbling beneath the surface, and standing high up in that stadium and looking down, you get the feeling that Hoosier fans are ready to explode and show that they can cheer for more than a just fight song.

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