Dallas is a big professional sports town. But, a traditional college gameday experience still pulsates through the town. SMU has had its home in Dallas since 1915. A history of incredible triumphs and a notable devastating setback have led to the modern day in which the stunning home of the Mustangs lights up on Saturdays – Gerald J. Ford Stadium. A blend of traditions, old and new, have made this a memorable spot to visit.

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Temple’s campus rests on the north side of Philadelphia. They’ve been playing their home games in professional stadiums on the south end of town since 1978. Lincoln Financial Field is their current home, and a flurry of cherry and white descends upon “The Linc” on Temple gameday Saturdays converting the outskirts of the arena into a collegiate tailgating oasis.


Game 297: UCF @ Tulsa

Tulsa is a better team than their under-.500 record suggests. This game against the back-to-back American Athletic Conference champion UCF Knights would be supporting evidence. UCF not only has dominated the conference the past two years, but also represented all “Group of Five” conferences in the 2018 Peach Bowl and 2019 Fiesta Bowl. Although the Knights already dented two notches in the loss column this season, they still represent the conference elite. A win over UCF would be groundshaking.

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Game 275: Memphis @ Tulane

Despite the ominous skies threatening precipitation, Tulane fans, and students in particular, filled the campus quad with tailgating madness. Apparently, the area usually designated for Green Wave backers was given to visiting Tiger fans. Once it was apparent that Memphis was not going to fully occupy their designated area, the Tulane students took action. In a move of retaliation, a tailgate covering a few thousand square feet was lifted and relocated to its rightful land. In a scene like no other I have ever witnessed, a green wave of fans carrying tents, tables, coolers and kegs marched their event a few hundred feet back to its rightful territory and continued to party in a fashion that rivals many power five conference schools.

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