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Game 230: Temple @ Cincinnati

This is not the same Temple that I watched lose 65-0 in Madison ten years ago. This program has progressed from whispers surrounding the termination of the football program to last week’s first defeat of rival Penn State since 1941. Suddenly, Cincinnati had to be on high alert. A few sprinkles kept tailgating lots from filling as […]

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  Nippert Stadium possesses a charm that few stadiums can match. Built in 1915, it has maintained an old-world appeal with its classic early-century brickwork and wrought-iron entryways. Sandwiched amongst a variety of campus buildings, Nippert Stadium offers some of the most unique surroundings in college football. This venue proves, however, that charm can be intertwined […]

Game 220: South Florida @ #19 Wisconsin

Fans flooded Madison like a monsoon for another football Saturday. Red lit up the streets, and the skies only rained sunshine and warmth upon the UW campus. Badger game days make an already vibrant town burst at the seams with a fervent electricity. Cram your car into a makeshift parking lot amongst the surroundings of […]

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Every football Saturday at Navy is like the greatest 4th of July parade you have ever attended…at least during pregame anyway. Led by bagpipes and followed by the cheer squad, the Navy football team receives a warm welcome as they arrive to the stadium two hours prior to kickoff. Donning their all white uniforms, you […]

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Game 181: Delaware @ Navy

The stifling heat and humidity followed us from Wisconsin as we arrived in Annapolis for Navy’s sold out home opener against Delaware. At quick glance, the uniforms would suggest that you were watching Michigan at Notre Dame. But, alas, it was the Midshipmen and the Blue Hens…perhaps not a marquis matchup, but certainly not short […]

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Houston did have a problem. But, they fixed it. Not long ago, the Astrodome housed Cougar games. Moving college football games from campus and into downtown professional stadiums puts an antiseptic on the energy and culture that drives the spirit of the game. With some renovations and updates, the University of Houston resuscitated old Robertson […]

Game 169: Tulane @ Houston

The stands did not reflect the near sell-out crowd recorded in the box score after the Cougars’ victory over the Green Wave. Perhaps it was the lack of QB Case Keenum that kept fans away. Houston’s electrifying quarterback was set to break the all-time passing yard record this season when UCLA took out his ACL […]

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Game 151: Middle Tennessee State @ Louisville

I know fans are crazy in the south, but I have been holding onto a misconception that the extreme craziness was reserved for the Southeastern Conference…until I ran into a throng of Middle Tennessee State fans. The passion began to border hostility which certainly was amazing for fans cheering on a 2-4 team from the […]

Game 144: Syracuse @ Northwestern

How many different ways can oranges be squeezed into orange juice? Ask Syracuse. In Greg Robinson’s three years on campus, the Orange have experience only seven wins. Often the fourth year at a program is the lucky year for coaches. The trip to Evanston brought along hopes for a brighter future at Syracuse. Northwestern, under […]

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Game 106: Temple @ Wisconsin

Temple is worse than a doormat. They are the dirt kicked off onto it. Need a confidence builder? Invite Temple to your stadium. Guaranteed to make your offense sharper and your defense tighter. Wisconsin’s offense already lathered up the week before with a shootout victory over Bowling Green. It wouldn’t be long before the 80,000 […]

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