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Game 223: Maryland @ Wisconsin

On homecoming day in Madison, both Maryland and Wisconsin found themselves seeking a breakout victory to help maintain their relevance in the hunt for the Big Ten title. The Badger offense looked one dimensional and inconsistent. The Maryland defense looked tattered and frayed. No one quite knew what outcome to expect, and the whole situation […]

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Fear the Turtle. This slogan may not appear daunting, but upon entering a packed Byrd Stadium on Saturdays in the fall, it becomes quickly clear why the turtle holds so much power. Built in 1950, Capital One Field at Byrd Stadium houses an authentic and classic college style. Constructed as a horseshoe with a triple […]

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Game 183 – Miami @ Maryland

  Maryland is so the new Oregon. Thanks to UO grad and Nike CEO, Phil Knight, The Ducks have recently been known as the team with a variety of uniform combinations containing loud neon colors. Well, Maryland grad and UnderArmour CEO, Kevin Plank, must have thought that two can play at this game. Prior to […]

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