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Game 216: Appalachian State @ Michigan

2007. Opening Day. Ann Arbor, Michigan. FCS member and largely unheard of against the fifth ranked powerhouse Wolverines. The game began with hope and anticipation for a championship season for Michigan and ended with the biggest upset in college football history. That game changed the trajectory of both programs, mostly for the Mountaineers. Fast forward. […]

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Any college football fan is proud of Michigan Stadium. It is the largest football stadium in the world with a capacity of 109,901. However, every game surpasses 110,000. Ann Arbor is another classic college town filled with coffee houses, restaurants, and little shops everywhere you look. The stadium is a huge fixture on campus. But, […]

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Game 186 – San Diego State @ #21 Michigan

Last year’s San Diego State coach is this year’s Michigan coach. Finding each other on the schedule made for a potentially awkward situation. It’s like bumping into your recent ex-significant other with a new one on your arm. Aztec players would not have any time to have hard feelings with chasing Michigan QB Denard Robinson […]

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Game 164: Michigan @ Wisconsin

If you bought Michigan stock, I hope you sold it early – like after the fourth game of this season because the Wolverines have been in a tailspin since.  Actually, dumping it after Lloyd Carr retired two years ago probably would have been better seeing that the Rich Rodriguez era has only ushered in frustration […]

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Game 141: #12 Michigan @ Wisconsin

Did Michigan really have anything to play for? Regardless of the outcome of their game against the Badgers, the Big Ten title still depended on their success against Ohio State next week. Perhaps they were looking ahead and not focusing on the Badgers who needed this win in the worst way. Missing their star wide […]

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Game 135: Michigan @ Northwestern

I am convinced that for Northwestern fans, part of the gameday experience is feeling intimidated on your own campus. This couldn’t be more valid when Michigan comes to visit. On our walk to Ryan Field, we had to squint to find any traces of purple while being distracted by thousands of fans screaming, “GO BLUE!” […]

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Game 111: #25 Michigan @ #21 Northwestern

A sellout at Ryan Field is not commonplace. Michigan, although hated by all Big Ten brethren, tends to bring out the best in others. A completely transformed atmosphere from the usual paltry attendance made Evanston the place to be on this Saturday night. The fact that game time had been set for the evening coupled […]

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Game 74: #11 Michigan @ Wisconsin

Can you imagine going to the bank to withdraw thousands in cash and manage to accidentally lose it along your way home? Experiencing such a fate would result in extreme pain while reliving the incident over and over in your head and realizing how much was lost. Camp Randall was an exciting place to be […]

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Game 59: #17 Wisconsin @ #9 Michigan

Intimidation courses through the veins of those who come to Ann Arbor wearing the opponent’s colors. This quaint town can appear harmless to visitors, but the closer to Michigan Stadium, the more daunting it can be. Of course, this is just what Wolverine fans want for their home turf. Get ready to be heckled, teased, […]

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Game 48: #4 Michigan @ #20 Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s loss to lowly Cincinnati last week raised eyebrows nationally and gnarled teeth locally. Prior to last week’s defeat, ESPN’s number one pre-game show, “College Gameday,” was all set to air their broadcast from Madison. They ordinarily choose the game of the week, but with the stunning failure by the Badgers, “College Gameday” almost turned […]

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