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Game 205: #11 Nebraska vs. Wisconsin

Coming off two straight overtime losses to the ineligible teams ahead of them in the standings, Wisconsin backed into the B1G championship game with an deceptive, but still disconcerting 7-5 record. It was a little like seeing Pig Pen attend a White House state dinner. Nebraska packed their never-give-up attitude to Indianapolis that put them […]

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Game 200: Nebraska @ Northwestern

Nebraska‚Äôs inaugural visits to each Big Ten stadium as a new member of the conference have become gargantuan events, and the trip to Evanston would be no different. Northwestern rolled out the purple carpet, but perhaps they were a bit over-welcoming. Nebraska is known for having fans that travel well, and Northwestern is known for […]

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Game 187 – #8 Nebraska @ #7 Wisconsin

Camp Randall Stadium was the site of Nebraska’s big welcome into the Big Ten Conference. By mid third quarter, it wasn’t much of a welcome anymore. These two big red machines locked gears for the day’s premier prime time matchup, and the first collision between two top ten teams in Madison since 1962. College Gameday […]

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Nebraska fans are billed as being some of the most knowledgeable and respectful in the country. Memorial Stadium is noted as being a top ten stadium to visit on a college football Saturday. The stories about Nebraska’s devotion to their athletics are endless and after my experience in Lincoln, Nebraska, it can be safely said […]

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Game 113: Kansas State @ Nebraska

Nebraska has experienced some hard times lately under new head coach Bill Callahan. A program rich in national titles and winning streaks experienced their first season without a bowl last year. A team that history has dubbed “The Big Red Machine” has been recently reduced to “The Big Red Wind-Up Toy.” But, a win over […]

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