Game 18: #14 Ohio State @ #21 Wisconsin

This would be my first time watching a would-be Heisman Trophy winner in action. Ohio State running back, Eddie George, led fourth ranked Ohio State into Camp Randall Stadium. Based on the first three games of this season, Wisconsin would seem like a chew toy for the Buckeyes. But, last week’s win at #7 Penn State jumped the Badgers into the top 25 suddenly making Wisconsin vs. Ohio State the game of the week.

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Game 7: #3 Ohio State @ #15 Wisconsin

I missed last week’s game against #24 Michigan, and it left me feeling bittersweet. It would be the last game that I would voluntarily not attend at Camp Randall for the next eleven years. It was a blessing. That Michigan game was the infamous “crowd crush” game that forced all stadiums across the country to reevaluate their stadium structure and safety procedures. Wisconsin defeated Michigan for the first time in many years (thus, the crowd rush). But, it nearly killed so many fans.

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Game 2: #12 Ohio State @ Wisconsin

Today would be a memorable day in the career of Wisconsin head coach, Barry Alvarez.  I didn’t care.  I don’t even think I knew why this Berry Alcatraz was so special.  Once again, I was being handcuffed to the car and dragged to another football game.  Not interested.  I remember the last game I attended.  Dreary.  Boring.  Low attendance.  But, there was something different about today.  Camp Randall Stadium was PACKED with a vibrant red that stretched to every curve and corner.

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