Game 232: Northern Arizona @ #20 Arizona

77 points – record.  499 rushing yards – record.  792 total yards – record.  Thank you for visiting, Northern Arizona.  Mind turning out the lights when you leave?

Arizona used their FCS neighbors to the north to dust off their record book and replace a few old numbers.  The Wildcats came out struggling a bit, but then chopped down the Lumberjacks with a forest full of offense.

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Game 78: Arizona @ #22 Wisconsin

Wisconsin will have to swap their recipes for success. Last week, their cake nearly fell in the oven with the stumbling and bumbling that occurred in the kitchen versus a docile Northern Illinois team a week prior. The undefeated Wildcats from Tucson certainly would not be as forgiving as the Huskies were. New ingredients needed to be added to the mix in order to present a delectable victory that all Badger fans can savor.

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