Game 320: Stanford @ #18 Washington

Washington stormed into this contest boasting a surprising 3-0 record. Having just defeated #11 Michigan State, the Huskies are beginning to see a season full of promise ahead. Today began their Pac-12 journey as Stanford rolled into Seattle. The Cardinal were not experiencing the same success as the Huskies, but conference games are never to be taken lightly.

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Game 318: Washington State @ Wisconsin

Expectations for maintaining a consistently strong program is an annual outlook for the Badgers. Coming off a strong shutout of Illinois State, Wisconsin was set to host Washington State, a team coming off a less impressive victory over Idaho. In the off-season, Camp Randall Stadium had undergone a facelift with upgraded seating in the south end zone and the renaming of the field after coaching legend, Barry Alvarez. These improvements only add to the expectations for a successful season and increase the hype for an even brighter future.

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Game 285: Arizona @ Hawai’i

The onset of every college football season is preceded by an overflow of baseless polls, cautious and extreme predictions, and flailing jibber-jabber on social media. Who really knows that Arizona is an 11-point favorite? Before the cleats hit the field for the first time, even the best of pundits have a cloudy crystal ball. As it turned out, Honolulu provided the stage for an incredible opening day to the 150th season of college football.

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USC really drives the tradition of west coast football. With their first squad fielded in 1888, Southern Cal is a team that sets a standard for others not only near the Pacific, but nationally. USC is one of those places that define tradition. An illustrious history includes coaching legends, Heisman Trophy winners, national championships, and classic rivalries (Notre Dame and UCLA most notably).



The Rose Bowl is known as the “granddaddy of them all” because of its prestige, rich history, and striking beauty. Set amongst the San Gabriel Mountains and placed in the ritzy neighborhoods of the Arroyo Seco, the setting is timeless and leaves a lasting impression. Arguably college football’s most picturesque view occurs as the sunset illuminates the mountains adjacent to the Rose Bowl, while outlining this colorfully grand arena.  It’s one of perfection’s rare visits.

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Game 232: Northern Arizona @ #20 Arizona

77 points – record.  499 rushing yards – record.  792 total yards – record.  Thank you for visiting, Northern Arizona.  Mind turning out the lights when you leave?

Arizona used their FCS neighbors to the north to dust off their record book and replace a few old numbers.  The Wildcats came out struggling a bit, but then chopped down the Lumberjacks with a forest full of offense.

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