Faurot Field at Memorial Stadium becomes a “ZOU” on gamedays. Throngs of fans extend the perimeter of its walls with black and gold. Tailgates are adorned with tiger stripes and tails. The atmosphere flickers with festivity while passersby greet each other with an “M-I-Z!” call and a  “Z-O-U response. A towering statue of Don Faurot welcomes fans into the stadium where the field bears his name. Faurot coached at Missouri and left a great legacy during the mid 1900s. He would be proud of how Mizzou continues to grow as a college football hotspot.


Game #342: South Carolina @ #20 Missouri

Missouri and South Carolina – the annual battle to determine which is the better Columbia. The top 20 Tigers have the record and ranking as evidence that Mizzou is the 2023 title holder of this unofficial contest. But, that didn’t stop several fans to collaborate and paint letters that spell out “MIZ – BETTER COLUMBIA” on their chests. It’s a young rivalry, but already has a celebrated trophy – The Mayor’s Cup. The mayor of the winning Columbia awards the prize.

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Game 124: #19 Oklahoma @ #23 Missouri

Missouri football has been on the cusp of many breakthrough moments and when placed in the national spotlight, their program crumbles. Carrying one of their best records in years, the Tigers welcomed traditional power, Oklahoma, to Memorial Stadium in Columbia. Again, opportunity knocked and Missouri had a good enough team that could answer the door and storm through. However, the Sooners’ agenda failed to coincide with Missouri’s plan and Oklahoma kept all hopes of a Missouri resurgence bolt-locked.

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