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The goal of attending a game at all 130 Division I-A stadiums across the country is a massive undertaking.  However, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend an autumn afternoon than stadium hopping.  What’s special about this goal is that these aren’t the manufactured, cookie cutter, endorser induced stadiums that lace the professional landscape.  These are structures of extreme variety ranging in capacities that barely dent the 20,000s all the way to the largest American football stadiums in the world exceeding 100,000 seats.

Beginning with stadium sizes merely wipes the dust off this impressive wonderland.  The cultures, unique traditions, rivalries, mascots, bands, and fans cannot compare to any other sport in the United States.  Exploring these stadiums means delving into heavily tred cities like Los Angeles and falling off the beaten path to places like Laramie, Wyoming and DeKalb, Illinois.  The history that seeps from these stadiums are captivating and throuroughly saturate the attention of all onlookers.  Each stadium has a story and by attending a game at each of these arenas, the stories are told by the wild fans, loyal and enthused players, raucus students and band members, and the hallowed grounds where legends have walked.

I leave no Saturday unturned and venture to these places.  I listen and watch intensely to grasp the enthusiasm all around.  Transferring these experiences into images and words is this website’s purpose.  All 130 stadiums have a story and I intend on interviewing each one of them.

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