Game 168: Arizona State @ #11 Wisconsin

Dear Jay Valai and Shelton Johnson,

We certainly are aware that Arizona State outplayed the Badgers in many facets of the game on Saturday. However, because of a few timely plays by you, Wisconsin was able to escape with a one point victory. Shelton, we are very impressed by the “never give up” attitude displayed on the 95 yard kickoff return by the Sun Devils. By tackling ASU’s Kyle Middlebrooks at the one yard line right before the half, you kept momentum on Wisconsin’s side and perhaps saved the game. I’m sure that coaches across the country will roll that footage as you have now become 2010’s posterboy for “never giving up on a play.” The team certainly experienced difficulty covering kickoffs as the Sun Devils returned one for a touchdown and smoked the Badgers on a few more impressive returns. It even got to the point where the crowd gave out a cheer of sarcasm with any kickoff coverage tackle. Nevertheless, you managed to maintain your poise and scrape away the stigma that comes with being a freshman.

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