Game 245: Louisiana Tech @ Arkansas

Every team is a champion on opening day. Stadiums fill because anything is possible and optimism soars. Arkansas fans have been anxious for a breakthrough. Early stumbles have sullied recent hopeful seasons, and so few were looking past Louisiana Tech. Tailgating crowded the circumference of Razorback Stadium, eager for a fresh slate of games ahead, but from the first “Woo Pig Sooie,” it was evident that the Razorbacks would be in a fight in Fayetteville. Bret Bielema has brought a bullish brand of ball to Arkansas, and have successfully taken a bite out of the SEC. But, championships appear elusive at the moment, particularly when it’s a struggle to strike down LA Tech with ease.

A tied halftime score had fans squirming with concern. The band played with enthusiasm, the packed house gleamed with Arkansas red, and the crowd stayed loud, even during troubling moments.
With under 7 minutes remaining in the game, and the Hogs down by 6, seasoned quarterback,Austin Allen, tossed a TD to take the lead and the defense shut down the Bulldogs the rest of the way.
The Arkansas faithful finally were able to exhale, but many positives can be stored from a win like this – as long as the team continues to improve. Despite the near loss, it’s a safe bet to predict that there will be much reason to keep calling the hogs this season.

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