Game 326: #2 Ohio State @ Northwestern

Blustery conditions in Evanston became the best defense for Northwestern. It stifled the Buckeye passing game. The Wildcats took advantage of the home weather and with the wind behind their backs, they managed to score first thus stunning every onlooker. Along with struggles in the passing game, Ohio State also stumbled when working to move the ball on the ground. The 21-7 Buckeye victory urged many critics to ask the question, “What’s wrong with Ohio State?” 
The answer is – nothing. The question is flawed because the Buckeyes are unfairly being compared to the juggernaut that they have created. 

Much credit goes to Northwestern, though. The rain and wind affected both sides of the ball and the Wildcats put together an outstanding game plan that kept the purple relevant into the fourth quarter. Moreover, Ryan Field was jammed with 75% scarlet and gray. It felt more like Ryan Day Field. But, the Wildcat fans in attendance had much to be proud of despite their team falling to 1-8.

Ohio State is saturated in talent. But, it was their grit that overcame both the weather and Northwestern’s best effort all season. This game didn’t expose the Buckeyes. It forced them to play a different way, which was a test that they passed and experience that they can use in future battles. So, alarmists, chill. Ohio State is still championship caliber.

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