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Game 218: Indiana @ Bowling Green

One of the hot topics of the 2014 football season has been the collapse of the Big Ten conference. No team was able to win the marquee games of the nonconference season, and worse yet, they have been losing games that should have been walks in the park. Last week for instance, two Mid-American Conference […]

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Game 213: Indiana @ #19 Wisconsin

We arrived on campus. Barely in time. It was worth the mad dash from our parking spot on University Avenue to the pregame band concert at Union South. Few attempted to dodge the drizzle as the masses gathered to soak in the weather and the sounds of the UW band. I brought friends of mine […]

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Due to basketball’s domination in the state of Indiana and a lack of winning seasons in the past decade, the Hoosier football program is starving for attention in the Big Ten. It’s too bad because they have all the ingredients in Bloomington to be successful. John Mellencamp, an IU alum, donated a beautiful practice facility […]

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Game 188: #16 Illinois @ Indiana

“Hoosier Football” are two words that go together about as well as “Lite Syrup” or “Economic Stability.” Combine one bowl in 17 years and six different head coaches in the same time span. Add to it a 45 year Big Ten title drought and you have the Indiana football program. Memorial Stadium in Bloomington has […]

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Game 162: Indiana @ Northwestern

Homecoming looked to be doomed.  The Hoosiers picked Evanston as the place to showcase their talent this year.  Luckily for the Wildcats, the show lasted only one half.  Indiana stormed out to a 28-3 lead in the second quarter sending a few Cat fans packing.  But, if Wildcat fans have been paying attention over the […]

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Game 159: Indiana @ Akron

A new stadium just christened last week with a victory and a Big Ten team coming in this week has injected new life into an Akron program that could use a lift. It appeared that any kinks in the new setting have been ironed out. The Akron band marched in the main quad toward the […]

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Game 142: Purdue @ Indiana

“Play 13” has been the motto of Indiana football all year. It came from their head coach, Terry Hoeppner, who died of complication from a brain tumor this past summer. The idea behind “Play 13” revolves around winning enough games to qualify for a bowl game, thus playing one more game than their regular 12 […]

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Game 119: Wisconsin @ Indiana

Two weeks after Indiana coach Terry Hoeppner underwent brain surgery, he returned to the sidelines to guide his team in their conference opener against Wisconsin. His resilient comeback inspired all who witnessed him leading his team into Memorial Stadium Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, Hoeppner’s team failed to convert the feeling of inspiration into success on the […]

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Game 108: Indiana @ #17 Wisconsin

A battle of Big Ten undefeateds set the stage in Madison on October’s first day. Indiana’s unscathed record may be impressive by Hoosier standards, but the competition they scheduled including Papa Smurf, Strawberry Shortcake, and Dora the Explorer didn’t exactly make the pollsters stands at attention. Wisconsin, on the other hand, validated their perfect mark […]

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Game 80: #23 Wisconsin @ Indiana

Well, here’s Wisconsin’s opportunity to bounce back after a disappointing defeat to Penn State last week – take advantage of the little guy and restore confidence. Someone didn’t inform the Badgers that the little guy has decided to choose this weekend to retaliate for being incessantly pounded into the Big Ten cellar. Everything appeared right […]

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