Game 299: #14 Michigan @ Indiana

The Hoosiers have been winning the games they should win. In the competitive Big Ten East, it’s forgivable to lose to Ohio State, Penn State, and even Michigan State during their struggle saturated season. Indiana won all their non conference games, beat the lower echelon conference teams, and consequently have secured a bowl bid. With all this, though, wouldn’t it be nice to topple conference heavyweight, Michigan?
Spotlight on Bloomington for Indiana’s opportunity.

A frigid rain cascaded from a darkening steel sky, which did not inhibit the crimson and cream clad Indiana backers from gathering for the pregame team walk outside Memorial Stadium. The weather would unfortunately extinguish the tailgating scene a bit, but the skies relented for game time as the Hoosiers and Wolverines took the field for a greatly anticipated game in Bloomington.

Indiana burst out to 14-7 lead early in the second quarter bolstering an already hearty Hoosier crowd. But, history tends to repeat itself in college football and brand names like Michigan don’t typically allow their brand to be tarnished. Those 14 Indiana points would be only points scored by the home team. Michigan QB Shea Patterson would go on to throw five touchdowns, responding impressively to Indiana’s  hot start.

The Wolverine fans in the crowd began to echo “BEAT OHIO!” in anticipation for next week’s annual hate fest with Ohio State. On the subject of history repeating itself, Michigan is hoping to change the narrative with their upcoming rivalry. The powerful response to an upstart Indiana squad is a great launchpad toward achieving that goal.

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