Game 3: Purdue @ Wisconsin

Just because I had witnessed a great game two weeks ago did not mean that college football was a significant part of my life yet.  It took time.  I remember this gloomy day in Madison as one where I learned a very important rule in college football – no overtime.  With the game tied at 16 and Wisconsin’s field goal kicker setting up for the winning kick, I asked my father, “What happens if he misses?”  When he replied that the game simply results in a tie, I was filled with frustration from three sources –

  1. How ridiculous to spend all this time and not have a definite outcome.
  2. Now that I know this rule, I am all nervous and want to see a celebration like the one versus Ohio State two weeks ago.
  3. Why am I caring so much?  How did this evolve?  What happened to the little boy that wanted to spend the second half of his first ever Badger game in the parking lot?

Well, all the disgruntlement turned to relief when the lengthy kick was made and Wisconsin won by three.  Saturday afternoons in Madison slowly were becoming an anticipated event rather than a dreaded tag-along with my family.  While the actual games were exciting, I began to take more notice of the bands, pageantry, wild crowds, and tradition-rich atmosphere that make college football so unique.  My interest had surged a bit, and I found myself humming “On Wisconsin” repeatedly on the ride home.

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