Game 40: Purdue @ #12 Wisconsin

This aint your daddy’s Purdue. Boilermaker coach Joe Tiller infested the Big Ten with an open aerial attack that turned three yards and a cloud of dust into eighty yards and a streak of steam. Due to the success of his system, led by pilot Drew Brees, the rest of the conference has been forced to conform and break from the conservative mold manufactured by the likes of Woody Hayes and Bo Schembechler.

On this cool, but comfortable homecoming night in Madison, the undefeated Badgers would face their first formidable test of the season. After last week’s unattractive victory at Indiana, Wisconsin would have to prove itself. With a full day to prepare, fans had more time to settle into their inebriation as they drank a steady stream from tailgate to ticket gate, where they discarded their libations resulting in obscenely overflowed rubbish bins. Clearly, the red clad partisans were prepared to break records.

But, little did the 78,000 plus in Camp Randall Stadium realize that Brees was going to set ridiculous records of his own. On this one night, Drew Brees attempted more passes than most back-ups toss in a career. He broke the record for the most pass attempts – 83. In addition, he tied the all-time record for completions at 55.

With this information, one would infer that the Boilers ripped through the Badgers, but all stats must be investigated. Brees also hurled four interceptions – two in the endzone and one that was returned fifty-two yards by Jamar Fletcher to help Wisconsin jump out to a 24-17 lead late in the third quarter.

The students were swaying back in forth in celebration and when standing became too difficult, they performed the traditional row where everyone sits, places their hands on the person in front of them and moves back and forth rapidly. Usually, a few wise guys stand and pretend they are surfing or jumping out of water like a fish.

As much as Brees amazed the double-visioned fans, it was Wisconsin’s quarterback who displayed the most indomitable spirit. With two rushing touchdowns and undaunted senior leadership, Samuel made Purdue’s defense appear unprepared. While the Badger secondary was running around playing “whack a mole,” the offense kept their part of the bargain as well and earned Wisconsin a top ten rank.

With all of Brees’s passing, the game lasted well over four hours. It was near midnight when the game concluded and the fifth quarter celebration carried fans into the early morning hour of the next day. Madison was in full celebration mode because the last time the Badgers were 6-0, their road finished in Pasadena.


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