Game 43: Minnesota @ #7 Wisconsin

Is Wisconsin for real? Most critics labeled the Badgers as the worst undefeated team in the country due to their 98th ranked and rather feeble schedule. Nevertheless, a mythotical offense and suffocating defense has resulted in a slow and steady climb to the top ten.

The Gophers come in with a record of 4-4 and needing victories for bowl eligibility. My first thought as Minnesota entered the field revolved solely around how nice their uniforms look. Coach Glen Mason had returned their style back to “old school” Minnesota. So far, it was my favorite thing about the new coach. However, they were not only improving their fashion, they have also made strides on the gridiron as well.

This rivalry for Paul Bunyan’s Axe has never been an easy victory and with the Gophers displaying more muscle than in past years, many thought that Wisconsin would be tested today…not the case. Wisconsin’s only slip was a long pass down the sidelines that went for a Gopher score. Other than that, the Badgers visited the red zone often and although they settled for more field goals than touchdowns, the defense made the offense look powerful.

Kicker Matt Davenport’s foot was the hero. With four field goals, he kicked enough leather to earn himself a free pedicure. The game itself was far from being a thriller, but it resulted in Wisconsin carrying off Paul Bunyan’s Axe off the field for the fourth time in a row. More importantly, Wisconsin was 9-0 and smellin’ roses. But, next week would be the challenge that the critics have been looking for as the Badgers travel to Ann Arbor, MI. Michigan was ready to raise the rank of Wisconsin’s schedule strength and taint their perfect record at the same time…


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