Game 91: #21 Michigan State @ Wisconsin

There must have been a deliveryman between quarterback Jim Sorgi and wide receiver Lee Evans because everything Sorgi sent, Evans received. The student section bowed down to Evans as though he achieved deity status with his school record five-touchdown performance. Backup tailback Dwayne Smith packed in a career day with three scores of his own, but his efforts seemed overshadowed by the mystical receiving skills of Lee Evans.

Michigan State could only scratch their heads in confusion. Most of the Badger fans witnessing this offensive explosion were struck with dumfounded expressions, as well. Wisconsin had just dropped its last three games by a combined total of fifteen points. They couldn’t find a way to finish. Against the Spartans today, the Badgers finished right from the start with a 21-0 quick lead that spun heads. The commemorative towels handed out at the onset of the game were twirled so often and so furiously that the screen printing on them was flaking off.

Having Camp Randall Stadium return to a congregation of wildness provided relief throughout the state. Blowouts are fun for home teams because there is room for silliness and craziness despite the frigidity of November. Students get more creative with their chants and the celebrating gets a head start.

Michigan State would recover and find themselves in a respectable bowl game. Wisconsin would face Iowa next week in a revived Madison hoping to improve their bowl status.

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