Game 100: Wyoming @ Colorado State

To my pleasant surprise, my one-hundredth game turned out to be a blast. Never would I have imagined this milestone to take place on a Friday night in Fort Collins, Colorado. However, I learned a bit more about the intensity of small town rivalries. The trail blazed from Laramie down I-80 and I-25 is just close enough to spawn a deep loathing between these two opponents. They play for the coveted Bronze Boot and whether you are wearing a cowboy hat or ram horns, the trophy means intense bragging rights and often a bowl placement.

The masses gathered outside Hughes Stadium for what seemed like a Rolling Stones concert at an outdoor amphitheater. The cars lined up on the grass outside the venue illustrated more “rock and roll” than tailgate. But, the extracurricular liquids flowed and hatred spilled between mingling fans. My recent experience seeing a game in Laramie prompted me to wear a Wyoming shirt. We sat in the CSU student section. My choice easily could be described as unwise. Yet, I stood proud. I didn’t dare wear a Cowboy hat, though. I did want to leave all in one piece.

Wyoming dented the scoreboard first when their star quarterback, Corey Bramlet, rushed for a five yard score. The Cowboys have started a new chapter this year with a winning attitude and success on the field following. Therefore, it came as a pleasant surprise to the green and gold huddled together, that Bramlet’s touchdown would be Wyoming’s only score of the evening.

Sometimes, rivalries allow teams to wear a mask. When dressed in disguise, it is common for people to act differently than normal. The underdog Rams displayed no remorse after Wyoming’s opening drive. Colorado State stormed back with strong rushing touchdowns wrapped around by a few field goals. The Cowboys could not find an answer to the Ram resurgence. The students grew wilder with each score and my shirt progressively got covered. I blamed it on the dropping temperatures, yet none of my friends bought my story.

Colorado State’s 30-7 victory prompted a more boisterous party to ignite on the parking lawn. Cars moved as though their tires were soaked with molasses. The snail-like speed allowed Ram fans to scream into windows celebrating the Bronze Boot victory. The scene continued to reflect that of a rock concert. Maybe to these fans, the Rams are like the Rolling Stones. If so, their team strutted better than Mick Jagger tonight.


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