Game 144: Syracuse @ Northwestern

How many different ways can oranges be squeezed into orange juice? Ask Syracuse. In Greg Robinson’s three years on campus, the Orange have experience only seven wins. Often the fourth year at a program is the lucky year for coaches. The trip to Evanston brought along hopes for a brighter future at Syracuse. Northwestern, under third year head coach Pat Fitzgerald, was looking for the next step that would lead them to the post season.

Another bright and sunny home opener for Northwestern filled a campus that lacked students and quite a few fans. In fact, most of the brightness came from the sun reflecting off the empty bleachers that embarrassed the look of Ryan Field. Classes at NU don’t begin for another two weeks, but a full student body wouldn’t have helped fill up the remaining seats. The north Chicago suburbs are slow moving and would rather watch the game on TV unless the Wildcats are ranked and playing a high stakes team. Nevertheless, the atmosphere didn’t take away the excitement of a fresh slate and a new season. However, Syracuse would be searching for erasers by the second half.

The Orange and Wildcats battled feverishly throughout the first half, but Northwestern took over in the second stanza and juiced the Orange by a score of 30-10. Superstar Tyrell Sutton scored twice as the Wildcats won their home opener.

The juicing of the Orange actually became literal by the fourth quarter when Willie the Wildcat snuck over to the Syracuse section and taunted the Orange mascot with an actual orange and a juicer. Willie demolished the orange while the Syracuse mascot played along by dropping to the ground in agony. If the season continues like this for Syracuse, Coach Robinson’s job may face the same fate.

Northwestern is off to a fantastic start and the players charged over to the few students in Evanston to celebrate the first victory of the season. This could be a remarkable year for the Wildcats. They have the weapons, and they include more than just a juicer.



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