Game 148: Purdue @ Notre Dame

The t-shirts worn by the Notre Dame student section this year read, “Notre Dame will rise again.” That’s a bold statement considering the tumultuous season the Irish experienced last year. However, a couple of early season wins this year, including one over rival Michigan, has allowed hope to trickle back into South Bend. Will the Boilermakers hammer a dent in the railroad that leads to Notre Dame’s anticipated ascension to greatness? The classic college football setting in South Bend coupled with a perfect autumn Saturday afternoon served as the backdrop for this exciting battle…

At the president’s luncheon prior to the game, newly appointed athletic director, Jack Swarbrick, described the importance to athletics at Notre Dame. He reminded the Irish faithful that sports bring the Notre Dame family together as a community. Additionally, Notre Dame Stadium serves as the family table where memories and excitement are shared. Well, if that was the family table, then the Irish must have been hungry. Despite trailing Purdue early, the Irish devoured the Boilers in the second half. Every aspect of the offense and defense clicked and for a change, “Touchdown Jesus” was raising his arms for his own team. Fans left the ballpark extremely content especially since the Irish have already matched the amount of wins they accumulated all of last season. Hope is now moving from a slow trickle to a steady stream.

Aside from the game, the setting at Notre Dame is exciting, powerful, and spiritual. Despite Notre Dame’s recent struggles, this is still Notre Dame. When the team emerges from the Basilica on campus after their pregame mass dressed in suits and ties, one wonders how anyone can defeat this traditional power. The Irish still have that aura about them. The magic is still here. Has this particular game woken up the echoes? Perhaps a just a peep. But, the idea of Notre Dame rising again is not far-fetched. The spirit of this place is enough to keep the heart beating on the program, and soon the family table will be a bounty of victories for the Irish.

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