Game 161: Wisconsin @ Minnesota

The only part missing to Minnesota’s sparkling brand new TCF Bank Stadium is Paul Bunyan’s Axe in the trophy case. Wisconsin has owned this series since 1995 and would love to tarnish the inaugural season in the Gopher’s new digs by keeping the Axe in Madison.

Minneapolis’s skyline in the distance served as the backdrop for this classic college football rivalry, and Minnesota wasn’t about to loosen it’s grip on the Axe so easily. Just when Wisconsin was driving down the clock and about to slap the put away score on the board, a fumble return of over 80 yards for a touchdown sparked the maroon and gold and turned the game around. The teams trades touchdowns once more making heads spin with a game that went from monotonous to momentous in seconds. However, monotony would prevail as the Badgers eventually snagged the turnover they needed to calm the Gopher resurgence. Wisconsin dragged out the final moments with their exciting three yards and a cloud of rubber pellets offense and kept the coveted trophy for the sixth straight year. Turns out that a new football stadium doesn’t automatically cure what ails a failing football team. The Gophers have a long road ahead to trek before making Paul Bunyan proud again…

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