Game 167 – San Jose State @ #12 Wisconsin

Finish. That was the theme of the matchup between San Jose State and Wisconsin. There were signs of this all over Madison. The band finished its tribute to the fallen and heroes of 9/11 with power and pageantry. The cloudy skies and rainy weather finished around halftime of the game. Even the fans seemed to finish every gameday brat served on this football Saturday. The Badger football team, however, failed to get the message.

Wisconsin displayed impressive offensive yardage all game, but had difficulty finishing in the red zone. The final score did not truly account for the Badger dominance on the field. However, this did not stop fans from giving Camp Randall Stadium its unique flair. All the antics that make this stadium so different from the others remained intact. One slight change occurred when the San Jose State bench (including the coaches) joined in during the famous “Jump Around” between the third and fourth quarters.

Despite the Spartans’ enthusiasm, they were unable to finish, as well. This provided the Badgers with an unimpressive victory. As fans took in the fifth quarter dancing to “The Chicken Dance” and polkaing to their hearts delight, I’m sure concerns of finishing in the future entered their minds. Mostly, Badger fans were happy with a victory and had no problem finishing the afternoon and evening with a few parties around town.

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