Game 176 – #14 Utah @ Notre Dame

The hallowed grounds of Notre Dame have become hollowed out by the weak and the mighty. Teams that are not traditional powers (Navy, Tulsa, etc.) have been undaunted by the mystique of Notre Dame Stadium. Coach Kelly is all about retrieving that mystique and making a win over the Irish in South Bend a rarity. In comes hobbling Utah (8-1) and reeling after a pounding from Texas Christian. Ranked fourteenth and seemingly overrated, this could be the Irish’s chance at toppling a ranked team for the first time in a long while.

The frenzy of Utah fans that made the trip treated it like a foreign vacation. With cameras hanging from their necks, every piece of architecture and historic landmark became a digital memory to take back to Salt Lake City. Unfortunately for the Utes, the flashbulbs would lessen after they poured out onto the the legendary field in South Bend for the first time. Utah scored the first three points, but would never venture further. The Irish had the breakout game that they were hoping for as they splashed a surprising 28 points on the Utes and blew out the Mountain West powerhouse. The students stormed the field and danced between the band members as they played The Notre Dame Victory March. This could be Brian Kelly’s turnaround game. The road is long for Notre Dame to return to the glory days. But, for at least one rainy afternoon, they mystique had returned.

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