Game 178 – Northwestern @ #7 Wisconsin

Points are to the Wisconsin offense as butter is to Paula Deen’s recipes…neither can get enough. In their final three games, the Badgers piled 83 points on Indiana, 48 on Michigan, and 70 big sticks of butter on Northwestern to solidify a Big Ten championship and a trip to Pasadena. Northwestern had lost their star quarterback two weeks earlier and were scrambling to redefine themselves as they walked into a red and white blender set on frappe. With all that was motivating Wisconsin, the Wildcats didn’t stand a chance, and now, the Rose Bowl awaits. The Grand Marshal for this year’s Rose Bowl is Food Network Star, Paula Deen. See how it all comes full circle?

For Badger fans, this season and this team heaping with NFL talent has created moments that will be forever etched in the memories of the Camp Randall faithful. Fans and roses flooded the field as the clock struck zero and the fireworks reflected across the stadium. Badger fans celebrated their first conference championship in eleven years. With his first Big Ten title, coach Bret Bielema finally can say that this is his program now as he has emerged from the shadows of Barry Alvarez.

Northwestern will share New Year’s Day with the Badgers as they will play in the Ticket City Bowl. Wisconsin will be seeing purple again as they face a talented Texas Christian team in what is setting up to be a classic Rose Bowl. Many points are bound to be scored again…

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