Game 181: Delaware @ Navy



The stifling heat and humidity followed us from Wisconsin as we arrived in Annapolis for Navy’s sold out home opener against Delaware. At quick glance, the uniforms would suggest that you were watching Michigan at Notre Dame. But, alas, it was the Midshipmen and the Blue Hens…perhaps not a marquis matchup, but certainly not short in action.

Barely a minute had passed before Navy’s potent ground attack had a 75 yard rushing touchdown in the books. However, Delaware carried confidence both with being only 85 miles away from Annapolis and having much fan support along. In addition, the Blue Hens finished as runner up in the FCS national title game last year. However, as the game progressed, Navy’s methodical triple option offense turned out to be as oppressive as the heat. The Blue Hens lost their starting quarterback in the second half and just did not have enough “angry bird” in them to finish the job.

As this festive afternoon continued, it became apparent that Navy would grind out a dominant victory. The loudest cheer of the day may have come after the end of the game and after the traditional singing of the Alma mater. Over the PA system, it was announced that all Mids were granted a free weekend. The roar that came from the stands rivaled that of the 75 yard TD earlier. As we explored the harbor town of Annapolis after the game, the eastern shore charm was only enhanced by the myriad of white uniforms enjoying their time off. There isn’t a much better way to kick off a football season at Navy.

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