Game 184 – Oregon State @ #8 Wisconsin



The Badgers are one game in and already rolling much thanks to QB phenom Russell Wilson. The Beavers are one game in and already sunk. An embarrassing loss to FCS team, Sacramento State set the bar very low for Oregon State. Starting the game with a negative four yard punt didn’t help matters.  Punter, Johnny Hekker, proved that the Beavers were a bit off their game when an early drive stalled and his punt awkwardly shanked to the right four yards behind the line of scrimmage.

The Badgers, still rolling from their demolition of UNLV, took advantage as Wilson converted a quick third down TD pass.  Perhaps the Beaver players hadn’t woken up yet. This eleven o’clock kickoff registered as 9am to the team from Corvallis, and with their clock all rewound, their clocks got cleaned. Wisconsin fans were wide awake and noisy for this battle of rodent and weasel.  On a sun-splashed day in Wisconsin, the Badgers shined on both offense and defense. The crowd, band, and team were all in sync as is typical for a Badger home game. Oregon State brought several fans from the west coast. A huge gathering of black and orange settled into Union South, where the UW pregame band concert takes place. Morning kickoffs in Madison are commonplace and tend not to slow down the loud singing, dancing, and heavy consumption that takes place. Unfortunately for OSU and their well decked out fans, they left not seeing their team dent the scoreboard once.  When the main highlight for your football team is a negative four-yard punt, chances are the scoreboard is not going to be too kind. With a 35-0 shutout of a pretty respectable bunch of Beavers, Badger faithful are beginning to wonder how much of a dent their team can make in the national picture.

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