Game 204: Ohio State @ Wisconsin

An undefeated bunch of Buckeyes. A Badger team headed to Indianapolis in two weeks to play for the Rose Bowl. Sounds like a matchup with a lot riding on it. Wrong. Ohio State is 10-0, but ineligible due to off the field hanky-panky. Wisconsin technically fell into 3rd place in the Leaders Division, but won it by default because the two teams ahead of them had the NCAA breathing down their necks. So, this game is for pride. Good thing they hate each other. Camp Randall was overflowing as usual in hopes that Sconnie could tarnish the Bucks’ perfect season. Plus, everyone in the Big Ten wants to make new head coach Urban Meyer run for cover. It’s a passive aggressive jealously thing.

On a separate note, senior day in Madison had the crowd anxious for Montee Ball. One more touchdown today would have him tied for the most TDs in history. His emergence from the tunnel brought the crowd to a deafening roar.

Ohio State knew how to shut that up. Two quick scores and Wisconsin fans began to sit on their hands. Ball would finally find the endzone later cracking the goose egg on the scoreboard and giving the crowd the celebration for Montee that they hoped for. It was a nervous cloud of cheering, however. Wisconsin’s defense finally showed up, but the offense couldn’t move a marble down an inclined ramp. With just minutes left, Ball had a shot to break the record and tie the game on a fourth and goal from the one.



I throw my hat 40 rows forward in anger.

But, the Badgers miraculously managed to hold OSU and get the ball back into striking distance. With seconds left now, a fourth and goal resulted in a tremendous pass and catch to tie the game and force overtime. OSU scored first and quickly. Wisconsin quickly failed to score. Urban celebrated. Badgers deflated. There’s not much to say. This team is destined to be undefeated. Scary to think how the Buckeyes will react next year with no NCAA restrictions. For Wisconsin, a trip to Pasadena is still feasible despite a despicable record.

By the way, I found my hat after the game 40 rows down sitting on a seat by itself without even a scuff on it. Like the Buckeyes, it took a beating, but still came away perfect.


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