Some of the best college towns are those that venture off from well-traveled roads. Taking I-15 north from Salt Lake City, urban morphs to quaint. The snow capped mountains guide you along the east, while to the west, the Great Salt Lake lies still, reflecting the skies above. To reach Logan, Utah, skew west from I-15 and head 25 miles toward the mountain ranges where the campus of Utah State welcomes with mountainous vistas and beautiful architecture. Old Main Hill is the epicenter of USU – the Old Main Building stands at the summit, shining its brilliant Aggie “A” in all four directions. It glows blue on special campus events or for significant Aggie victories.

Tucked in amongst the hills of campus sits Maverik Stadium. Small, but formidable, this is home to a Utah State fan base that loves its Aggies. Their mascot, Big Blue, is a bull that reflects the school’s spirit and connection to its agricultural roots. Fans in these parts have enjoyed a bit of a renaissance, as bowl appearances are slowly becoming the norm. In other words, the football program has become more responsible for getting that “A” to burn blue. The most emblematic attribute of Utah State’s spirit is their fan involvement – specifically, when “Show Me a Scotsman” is sung. Although not the official fight song, this tune is chorused and choreographed in unison right after the true fight song is blasted by the band. It represents ties to the Scottish heritage in this area, and is primarily performed by the students. But, it loudly and proudly infiltrates the entire arena with a unique energy, and it’s one of those special college traditions that cannot be matched anywhere else.

Traditions like these and campuses like Utah State give college football a rich quality that make it worth exploring. Logan, Utah has become one of the most memorable stops along the College Football Tour.

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