San Diego State plays their home games off campus in Qualcomm Stadium. The venue is shared with the San Diego Chargers (now defunct) and although off campus stadiums are typically less than desirable, Aztec fans make the best of it. Their passion and love for their team is evident on gamedays. The lots fill with cheer outside this concrete giant of a stadium as the players arrive on their traditional Warrior Walk through fans and into the arena.

The energy continues at Aztec Village, where fellow SDSU supporters meet for food, games, and music. The band makes their appearance filling the air with fight song fever and leading the way for fans toward the stadium. Night games are part of a great tradition here, which when combined with their all-black home uniforms only heighten San Diego State’s intimidation factor.

There is a lot of pride for this team in San Diego. Nothing showcases this more than their mascot. The Aztec nickname has been associated with San Diego State since the 1920s. An update to the Aztec Warrior mascot in 2004 has caused some controversy as some continue to view him as a disrespectful representation of native cultures. Many view the him as a proud symbol that unifies this community of fans together. Either way you look at it, the Aztec Warrior is a powerful symbol of the spirit and history at San Diego State.

A strong tradition and history color the passion for San Diego State. Those that follow Aztec athletics are devoted and their passion will continue to make SDSU an force in the college football landscape.

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