Game 246: Akron @ #10 Wisconsin

Finally, it paid off. Wisconsin’s insistence on scheduling a high profile opening game reaped some benefits. After falling short to LSU in 2014 and Alabama in 2015, the Badgers chalked up a victory in the highly anticipated rematch against LSU at historic Lambeau Field. Underdog status be damned. The Badgers are for real.

But, how does Sconnie follow that up? How do the Badgers keep momentum against a unflattering Akron team? Well, getting back to Camp Randall helps. Fans filled their tanks with expectation now that Wisconsin has vaulted to the top ten. Gameday is as it always has been in Madison – exhilarating and tradition filled, and Wisconsin’s sudden limelight-glow kept energy levels at their summit.

So, poor Akron. The Zips knew they had a daunting task to endure once this game was scheduled. But, how could they know they would be challenging the mighty Tiger slayers? It wouldn’t be far into the first quarter before Akron would also fall victim to the sword. The Badgers ripped the Zips quick and forced the UW Marching Band to practice the fight song a few more times than usual. Fifty four Wisconsin points had the tubas bellowing and the trombones glinting against the late summer sun.

Our postgame celebration at Sconnie Bar on Regent Street in involved a few hoisted beers and the surrounding cacophony of red and white inebriation. And why not? An expected average season now looks like it could have the makings of a special one. How far can this Badger team zip forward? The Big Ten conference holds the answer.

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