Game 263: Purdue @ #7 Wisconsin

A precipitous forecast became a much drier reality for the Badger Boiler battle in Madison. Ponchos were still the fashion, however, as the clouds released wetness on our walk to and from the stadium (nothing a beer and brat couldn’t distract from). From kickoff to final gun, we were spared rainfall. So much attention was given to the weather channel, that many fans forgot about Purdue’s resurgence, but were reminded during this gray day in Camp Randall.

Wisconsin came out strong with two quick touchdowns and a 17-6 halftime lead. Most fans had anticipated a steamrolling over Purdue in the second half. Evidence? Badgers have won 11 straight in this series, and few have been nail biters. However, Purdue had pep today both in the stands and on the field. An intense defensive duel ensued leaving the scoreboard operator only adding three more points in Purdue’s column – I hope he brought a book.

The 17-9 victory improved Wisconsin’s record to 6-0, although the schedule hasn’t provided much challenge. Those days are ahead.

Today was another day to celebrate Camp Randall. In its 100th year, it remains majestic, even with dark clouds above. Bringing new friends to experience one of sport’s greatest venues is a prideful moment for me. Again, the Camp impressed its new visitors. This spot is my favorite on the planet. I’ll return twice more this season to celebrate its milestone birthday.

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