• If the Ball brothers saw a gameday in Muncie today, they would be very proud of their investment.  So much pride runs through this university that bears the name of its benefactors. The brothers Ball are most famous for their glass jar company – their name scripted on each Mason style container. They wanted to give back to the community that gave so much to them by purchasing land and donating it to the state of Indiana.  That land would become Ball State University.

When I visited Ball State in 2006, its stadium was under renovation – a dirt pile for an endzone and a shack for a pressbox.  My return visit during Ball State’s centennial year of existence inspired awe from my field level and press box vantage point.  The entire stadium received a much deserved facelift and Cardinal fans clearly take pride in their home arena.

Gamedays start with tailgating that kicks into high gear on the lawns that flank the main parking lot of the stadium.  Dense rows of cars, tents, and hyped up fans fill the acres of green outside Scheumann Stadium (The Scheu). Forget that this is a MAC school, tailgating is done right in these parts.

The Cardinal Walk inspires a throng of fans that line up in anticipation for their Ball State team to file through toward the stadium.  Cheerleaders guide the way as The Pride of Mid-America Marching Band blasts the fight song. The band continues their performances outside the stadium and as the team charges onto the field during pregame.

Charlie Cardinal, the BSU mascot, parades around Scheumann Stadium occasionally finding his way into the stands to provide photo opportunities for fans.   “Chirp Chirp” is the battle cry around these parts and it is fully engrained in the lexicon of the Cardinal faithful.

In short, Ball State is a smaller, but traditional venue to watch a college football game.  Muncie holds one of the gems of the sport and it is definitely worth the visit.

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