Game 298: Iowa State @ #4 Oklahoma

During Oklahoma’s last home game, their famed Sooner Schooner toppled during its pregame ride out onto the field. Since then, the football team has also seemed to be riding on a wobbly axle. The following week, the Sooners took their first loss of the season at Kansas State. Iowa State’s arrival in Norman would offer up another speed bump in their season.

For this game, the Sooner Schooner was repaired for display, however it would not be pulled by Boomer and Sooner, it’s white pony engines. Alabama transfer superstar quarterback, Jalen Hurts, produced scintillating numbers in tandem with his favorite target, CeeDee Lamb. At the conclusion of the third quarter, Oklahoma seemed to have the game in hand leading 42-21, and fans began shuffling for the exits.

Those Sooner fans may have quickly forgotten about their team’s drama-filled defense, which can typically keep many of their opponents’ hopes on a pedestal. The Cyclones have proven themselves a worthy adversary in recent years, and they would adhere to that trend as Oklahoma’s lead slowly began to evaporate.

At one critical moment in the fourth quarter, CeeDee Lamb fumbled the ball back to Iowa State causing him to hang his head anxiously on the sidelines as the defense struggled to slow the Cyclone momentum. His quiet prayers were answered as the defense held, but Iowa State would continue to reclaim possession of the ball, and with 24 seconds remaining, Cyclone QB Brock Purdy lofted a TD pass to Charlie Kolar narrowing Oklahoma’s lead to 42-41. Iowa State coach, Matt Campbell elected to go for two instead of sending the game to overtime with an extra point. The Oklahoma defense would come up with the only play that mattered – a disruption of the two-point pass attempt helping the Sooners to squeak out the victory.
Memorial Stadium let out a cheer that was more air than noise, and “Boomer Sooner” played with a somewhat diffident tone.

Upon returning to our postgame tailgate, a mood of wariness hovered over the scene fueled by concerns of an impending turbulent November. But, there’s a proud history at Oklahoma and a lot of love for this team, even if the defense keeps Sooner hearts palpitating each Saturday.

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