Game 305: Boston College @ Temple

The first home game of the season brought a nice crowd to Lincoln Financial Field for an anticipated duel against Boston College. Most of the fans were shuttled down students from the north campus and they brought the noise. Many other Temple faithful showed a more disgruntled side as they didn’t have to wait long for their Owls to crumble against the Eagles.

A sunny and warm late summer day summoned cherry-and-white-clad fans to tailgating lots outside “The Linc.” The Temple Diamond Marching Band provided the sound track to pregame as the Owl faithful welcomed the players during the team walk a couple hours prior to kickoff. Hooter the Owl and the cheerleaders added additional spirit to the gameday atmosphere.

Coming off a win against Akron, there were whispers of hope that Temple could hang against an improving BC squad. While there were some glimmers on both sides of the ball for Temple, the Eagles played with a strength and consistency that left the Owls unresponsive.

Some recent success in the past decade has reminded Temple fans that their team is capable of competing. New coach, Rod Carey, has not been able to carry that torch quite yet, and it is making Owl supporters restless. Screams for his firing rang down from the stands as Boston College extended their lead to 21-0 on the path to a 28-3 victory.

Unfortunately for the home team, the halftime show was the highlight. They are outstanding, and if you get to a Temple game, don’t miss halftime. But, it’s the 30 minute stretches on either side of halftime that Temple wants to feature, and right now, it’s going to need more time.

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