Game 308: Army @ Wisconsin

Two one-dimensional offenses clashed for a laborious slogfest. Both teams relied on their run games and stubborn defenses. Occasionally, a forward-pass page in the playbook would be dusted off. But, these teams knew their strengths and had no intent on entertaining the packed house in Madison. Every play had fans seeking a recline function on their seat backs.

Many Black Knights supporters filled corners of Camp Randall for the first ever matchup between Army and Wisconsin. The evening was filled with sounds from the West Point band and salutes to service members. The evening was NOT filled with a flurry of footballs being thrown in the air. The Badgers relied on their defense and strength at running back to toil their way to a 13-0 halftime lead. The offenses on both sides seemed to crank even slower in the second half. Army would dent the end zone, but a late turnover by the Black Knights helped the Badgers to hold on and win 20-14.

A perfectly sunny and cool October day in Madison was not sullied with an ugly loss. Lakes Mendota and Menona kept their sun glinted appeal, the crisp notes of the Badger band continued to pierce the air with joy, and the jump around maintained its lift. In a way, it felt like both teams lost – Army on the scoreboard and Wisconsin on the expectation for the season. As the Army alma mater and Badger fifth quarter closed the curtain on this gridiron grind, questions continue to loom for both squads as they look for some thrills to electrify the season’s second half.

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