Game 319: New Mexico State @ Wisconsin

Washington State’s upset over Wisconsin last weekend exposed the Badgers and their predictable rushing-based offense. Four-star QB recruit, Graham Mertz, seemed to only have one or two stars lit on the field. Overall, the defense played well, but the offense had many errors to correct, especially when it came to fundamental execution. While this outcome was phenomenal for the visiting Cougars, it was probably the worst case scenario for this week’s opponent, the New Mexico State Aggies. Wisconsin would come out well-practiced and angry. The Aggies were the punching bag.

The last summer Saturday in Madison provided blue skies and comfortable temperatures. State Street was packed, folks gathered on Lake Mendota for pregame pitchers of Spotted Cow, and the perimeter of Camp Randall buzzed with excitement despite the painful loss a week earlier.

It wouldn’t be long before Bucky Badger would be doing push-ups. Braelon Allen punctuated a 90-second drive with a 39-yard touchdown to open the game. It set off a well balanced 595 yard offensive showcase for the Badgers against an overmatched opponent. New Mexico State is struggling and after this loss, they are the only team in college football at 0-4. There is work to be done in Las Cruces.

In Madison, however, Bucky has found his claws. The question is, are they sharp enough to even scratch the upcoming opponent? Wisconsin travels to #3 Ohio State next – a team they haven’t defeated since 2010. A loss wouldn’t devastate the season, but either way, it’s a measuring stick for where the Badgers stand going forward.

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