Game 324: Louisiana Tech @ North Texas

The pregame Mean Green March that welcomed the team into Apogee Stadium ignited a fantastic day of scoring and celebration for the home team. The Green Brigade was provided many opportunities to strike up the fight song as North Texas won its eighth straight Conference-USA game and surged to 3-0 in league play.

A viscous ground game by North Texas kept Louisiana Tech from closing the gap. A warm day in Denton saw a hot running game that accumulated 475 yards. The Bulldogs got within 7, but fell behind in the final quarter and succumb to the Mean Green 47-27.

With arms around shoulders, players gathered near the band to join in the alma mater. As the sun dropped below the horizon, nearby McConnell tower was illuminated green to celebrate the victory.

With each blast of Boomer the Cannon, fans could feel a special season coming together. Next season, the Mean Green make the highly anticipated move to the American Athletic Conference. Their hope is that they can take a Conference-USA championship trophy as a parting gift.

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