Tallahassee is the state capitol of Florida and home to a college football hotspot. Doak Campbell Stadium is a stunning brick structure constructed with an empirical nature. The south entrance welcomes fans with the Unconquered Statue, which embodies the spirit of Seminole Nation. Florida State has cultivated a harmonious relationship with the Seminole Tribe and ensured that the courage and pride they possess are on full display during gamedays.

Nothing showcases the Seminole spirit like the spectacle occurring just prior to kickoff. Florida State fans anxiously await the arrival of Chief Osceola, representing the historical Seminole leader. He charges down the field riding Renegade, a powerful white Appaloosa horse. Together, they represent Florida State’s mascots, and as they conduct their pregame parade around the field, the crowd begins to roar waiting for the climactic moment. The chief strikes an exclamation point on this iconic tradition by driving a flaming spear into midfield. Few gameday rituals embody this much awe.

Doak Campbell Stadium is a classic, yet formidable collegiate structure.  Adding to its imposing nature is the cauaciphonous war chant delivered in unison by 80,000 strong. This intimidating sound coupled with the tomahawk arm motion rattles the bleachers and blunts the spirit of the opposing team. Many other teams have adopted this battle cry including the Atlanta Braves. But, Florida State is the original.

Outside the stadium, tradition is deeply planted in what is known as the Sod Cemetery. This patch of land contains gravesites with buried chunks of the field from notable Florida State road victories. So, basically, this tradition is based on thievery. But, it’s a fantastic way for Seminole fans to reminisce on their storied football history.

All combined, these traditions honor the past and present in a way that only Seminole Nation can deliver. The Doak Campbell experience, especially at night, is one of the best that college football has to offer.

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