The University of South Florida has developed a successful brand in Tampa since their inception in 1997.  Since then, gameday traditions have developed thus helping to put their mark on college football. The city has embraced this team with a fervent flock of fans making Saturdays at USF a hot spot.

Pregame ignites though parking lots filled with USF decorated tents. Fans flood over to the stadium’s main entrance to greet the team as they unload buses and walk through their supporters. The Herd of Thunder Marching Band offers the soundtrack for this pregame teamwalk as the cheer squads and Rocky the Bull entertain herds of green and gold clad fanatics.

The Marching Band continues to hype gameday with their traditional pregame band concert. This is a fan favorite as crowds continue to form again to hear everything from “The Golden Brahman March” to “March Victorious.” The festive fanfare invites all USF backers into the stadium to cheer on their beloved Bulls.

At the mouth of the tunnel, USF players are penned within a white picket fence awaiting the gates to swing open releasing the herd of Bulls through a cloud of smoke. Fans raise their hands up high with their fingers offering the Bull hand signal. The energy of college football electrifies the air. The entire gameday experience swells with USF pride. With a new stadium coming later this decade, the future is bright in Tampa.

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