Game #342: South Carolina @ #20 Missouri

Missouri and South Carolina – the annual battle to determine which is the better Columbia. The top 20 Tigers have the record and ranking as evidence that Mizzou is the 2023 title holder of this unofficial contest. But, that didn’t stop several fans to collaborate and paint letters that spell out “MIZ – BETTER COLUMBIA” on their chests. It’s a young rivalry, but already has a celebrated trophy – The Mayor’s Cup. The mayor of the winning Columbia awards the prize.

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Madison, Wisconsin is an ideal college town highlighted by the state capitol and surrounding lakes – Mendota and Monona. It is home to Camp Randall Stadium, which is frequently regarded as one of the Big Ten’s wildest and most thrilling venues. Once a Civil War training site, this massive structure is crammed into a beautiful residential area among dorms, fraternity houses, campus buildings, and bars.



Ryan Field in Evanston, Illinois is known as the “Wrigley Field” of college football. It doesn’t quite have the history of the Cubs, but it boasts a very classic and old-school stadium atmosphere. For a while now, NU has been calling themselves Chicago’s Big Ten Team. Attempts to market this slogan are popping up around the city, and the evidence is beginning to show with more rumps in the seats in Evanston – perhaps because Chicagoans are slowly realizing that Northwestern is no longer The Big Ten’s little brother.

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Game #339: #9 Penn State @ Northwestern

A summer of tumult in Evanston set the football program on shaky ground. Hazing allegations resulted in the ousting of legendary head coach, Pat Fitzgerald and the hiring of interim coach, David Braun. However, the Wildcats have already exceeded expectations. After suffering a 12-game losing streak, Northwestern has notched impressive victories over UTEP and Minnesota. But, highly ranked Penn State stood as a formidable obstacle on this Saturday.

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Crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel brings you to Norfolk, Virginia, home of the Old Dominion Monarchs. The Commonwealth of Virginia is known as “The Old Dominion” because it was the original colony and first dominion of England. In those early days of the New World, King Charles II coined this nickname because of Virginia’s loyalty to the crown during the English Civil War. Of course, that would change in the years ahead, but the name “Old Dominion” still stands as a time capsule of these early colonial days. The irony is that Old Dominion is one of the newest dominions on the terrain of college football having just established a team in 2009.


Game #338: Texas A&M-Commerce @ Old Dominion

Plans for homecoming in Norfolk were stunted as Tropical Storm Ophelia swept through the east coast. The parade and tailgating were cut from pregame activities due to the high winds in the area. Rain had fallen, but all precipitation ceased by kickoff and the game remained overcast and dry. The result on the field also didn’t go according to plan as Old Dominion struggled mightily against their FCS guest.

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The University of Virginia in Charlottesville exudes charm. This colonnaded campus has come a long way since its founding by Thomas Jefferson in 1819. Scott Stadium provides an ideal example of the intertwining of classic and urban. The regal white columns that embrace the north side of the stadium blend artfully with the concrete grandstands that soar to the sky. It’s an exemplar of collegiate beauty.

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