Game #342: South Carolina @ #20 Missouri

Missouri and South Carolina – the annual battle to determine which is the better Columbia. The top 20 Tigers have the record and ranking as evidence that Mizzou is the 2023 title holder of this unofficial contest. But, that didn’t stop several fans to collaborate and paint letters that spell out “MIZ – BETTER COLUMBIA” on their chests. It’s a young rivalry, but already has a celebrated trophy – The Mayor’s Cup. The mayor of the winning Columbia awards the prize.

A promising group of Gamecocks at the onset of the season has now wilted to a 2-4 team searching for answers. Missouri has developed into one of college football’s surprises entering this battle at 6-1. South Carolina’s QB Spencer Rattler spent most the afternoon rattled by Mizzou’s defense. Brady Cook, the Tiger’s QB, cooked up an outstanding first half that put the home team up 24-3.

The defense delighted the homecoming crowd with a stingy display that kept the Gamecocks from entering the endzone. Missouri recorded their largest win in the series’s history with a 34-12 final. The Tiger Walk, tailgating, Truman, and touchdowns made Mizzou’s homecoming day fit them to a T.

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