Game 186 – San Diego State @ #21 Michigan

Last year’s San Diego State coach is this year’s Michigan coach. Finding each other on the schedule made for a potentially awkward situation. It’s like bumping into your recent ex-significant other with a new one on your arm. Aztec players would not have any time to have hard feelings with chasing Michigan QB Denard Robinson all over the place.

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Game 59: #17 Wisconsin @ #9 Michigan

Intimidation courses through the veins of those who come to Ann Arbor wearing the opponent’s colors. This quaint town can appear harmless to visitors, but the closer to Michigan Stadium, the more daunting it can be. Of course, this is just what Wolverine fans want for their home turf. Get ready to be heckled, teased, and pushed around for not wearing the coveted maize and blue. Michigan fans will act contentious to show their superiority.

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