Game 186 – San Diego State @ #21 Michigan

Last year’s San Diego State coach is this year’s Michigan coach. Finding each other on the schedule made for a potentially awkward situation. It’s like bumping into your recent ex-significant other with a new one on your arm. Aztec players would not have any time to have hard feelings with chasing Michigan QB Denard Robinson all over the place.

The first three scores had Robinson’s name on them and set the tone for a dominant Michigan victory. An early start to this football Saturday didn’t keep the gigantic onslaught of fans from following the band’s traditional lead toward Michigan Stadium, stopping along the way to blast “The Victors” and flaunt their pomp. This famous fight song is enough to get anyone’s mindset into gameday mode.

The 110,000+ that overflowed inside this iconic arena had nothing but delight on their faces with Brady Hoke’s return to Ann Arbor since his days here as an assistant. Still reverberating after their stunning win over Notre Dame, this place had been waiting to rock again for a while. Folks were excited again to be a maize and blue supporter, and we overheard many fans proudly redescribing their vantage points of “the catch” that beat the Irish two weeks earlier. San Diego State fans came from the coast in great number with their mascot flexing his muscles on the sidelines. However, the Aztecs didn’t have enough muscle to overpower the Wolverines losing 28-7.  All in all, it may have been a bit of a messy break up, but it seems clear now that Brady Hoke and Michigan are the real deal. Hopefully, San Diego State can pick up the pieces and move on.

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