Game 12: Purdue @ #23 Wisconsin

The last Purdue/Wisconsin game I attended, I was grumbling about the absurdity of tie games. Honestly, you tie your shoes, or tie packages – you even may use one as an accessory around your neck. But, you do not TIE football games.

With the victory last week, expectations were up again. But, all the ups and downs were causing nausea. Purdue came in confident. I don’t know why. Camp Randall is a tough place to play…isn’t it? Purdue’s Mike Alstott ran all over the field blasting through players leaving them facing skyward and dizzy. I remember an 80-yard bomb that went for a touchdown by Purdue. That was the largest play I had seen an opponent take from the Badgers. I was appalled.

Despite the errors, Wisconsin was up to the challenge that day…but it wasn’t enough to win or lose. The game resulted in a 27-27 tie. In a tie, one team feels more victorious than the other. For Purdue, that was the case. Badger fans were left with a bitter taste after the game. What a waste of three hours with no real result. This would be the last tie I ever saw. The following year starting with bowl season, tie games would be eliminated. Finally, I could tie my shoes comforted by the fact that it was the ONLY tying going on anymore…

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