Game 13: Minnesota @ Wisconsin

The Badgers fell from the rankings with their TIE to Purdue. But, that was not the focus this week. All eyes were on revenge as the Gophers came to Madison. Last season, Minnesota was the only team keeping the Badgers undefeated. On top of that, all the relatives we went to visit in Minneapolis last year were coming to Madison for the rematch. Our chests were stuck out again believing that THIS time it would be different since Camp Randall was the venue. Throw in homecoming to the mix and Wisconsin seemed unbeatable.

We bragged pre-game and exposed them to all the excitement surrounding the game. But, there is something about confidence. It can really stab in the back. The upstart Gophers found a way to overcome the raucous surroundings and defeat Wisconsin 17-14. IN MADISON! WITH OUR MINNESOTA RELATIVES THERE AGAIN! As much as I love them, I really started to believe that they were bad luck. The only two times that my cousin Heather went to the restroom, were the only two times that Wisconsin scored. I almost wanted her to leave as the Badgers were driving for the winning score. But, she didn’t have to pee and the Gophers intercepted Bevell’s pass preserving their win. It was a disgusting sight watching the Minnesota players prance around our turf with Paul Bunyan’s Axe. Needless to say, we have not invited our relatives since.

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