Game 137: #19 Wisconsin @ Penn State

The wheels have come off the Bucky Wagon and Penn State holds the lug nuts. On homecoming weekend in Happy Valley, the Badgers played like they ate too much Peachy Paterno ice cream over at the Berkey Creamery. From the first play, it became clear to those wearing red that this Saturday would be a long one. Star tailback P.J. Hill fumbled on the opening play for Wisconsin and Penn State only needed three plays to capitalize. The 109,754 that crammed inside Beaver Stadium would enjoy a stunning blowout of the ranked Badgers and looked to be turning a major corner on their season.

Another beautiful autumn day graced this hallowed land ruled by Joe Paterno. At 80 years old and 57 years of coaching at Penn State, he still runs out of the tunnel like one of his players – thrilled to be a part of one of college football’s most treasured landscapes. Of course, this is the house that Joe built and few teams leave victorious, especially recently. Students waved their “growl towels” in an effort to “scare a badger.” Evidently, the trick worked as every roar of the Lion dropped Wisconsin to its knees. Additionally, PSU fans have been prepping for this game for the past few days. Although, camping for days in RVs all across grass lots around the stadium is commonplace on campus. The friendly fans of Penn State get loud on gameday and make the surroundings truly intimidating.

By the fourth quarter, the Badgers were looking up at a 38-7 score that seemed irrecoverable. As folks wearing red grew restless, Lion fans became confident in their team’s ability to bounce back from adversity. Despite a two game losing streak suffered earlier, the Nittany Lions are now finding themselves in a powerful position. With this loss, Wisconsin now is enduring a two game losing streak. Can they unveil a similar resurgence?


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