Game 138: Ohio @ Toledo

Here we have two programs who have experienced recent success, yet are suffering from seasons packed with disappointment. Ohio comes into Toledo having not left the Glass Bowl with a victory since 1967. However, coming off a conference championship game appearance last year, the Bobcats feel that this would be the moment to end the 40 year streak. Toledo has experienced many conference crowns lately, but both the Bobcats and Rockets are facing losing seasons as the halfway mark of the 2007 college football season passes. Tonight would be an opportunity for both teams to regain confidence and possibly avoid a losing campaign. The game would prove to be much more exciting than most may have anticipated.

The Glass Bowl didn’t fill up entirely due to some fair-weather fans that would prefer not to risk witnessing another Rocket loss. Two minutes into the third quarter, Ohio grabbed a 21-6 lead sending even more Toledo fans toward the exits. Those fans and everyone who did not occupy a seat would wish otherwise. As quickly as a rocket, Toledo put together a few drives and took an 26-21 early fourth quarter lead. Then, the pendulum began to swing as both teams would trade jabs and continue to steal the lead from one another.

The game seemed to be in Toledo’s hands when they managed to stop the Bobcats and take a 40-29 advantage. But, Ohio pocketed a quick field goal followed by an amazing drive that ended in a 36-yard touchdown pass and a two point conversion to knot the contest up at 40. Onlooking Toledo fans became restless while one irate fan shouted, “How many different ways can you show us that you can lose!” Rocket fans used to winning ways were not happy with the events transpiring on the field.

As Toledo got the ball back with just over a minute left, their effort to attain field goal range failed and the punting team came on. Not sure of what to expect from Ohio anymore, fans anxiously watched the punt as it sailed back into the waiting arms of the Bobcat return man. His eyes may have been the only ones not looking at the ball and consequently, he dropped it allowing Toledo to recover in field goal range. It would be Ohio’s eighth turnover of the day. Two plays later, kicker, Alex Steigerwald, knocked through a 40 yard field goal as time expired sending the Rocket players exploding onto the field. Those who stayed saw a wild comeback that finally sent the Toledo faithful home happy. Ohio will have to wait another time to break their losing streak in the Glass Bowl. They let their golden opportunity fall to the turf.

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